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At DR Coins & Jewelry, we cater to all types of customers, from the bullion investor to the coin and precious metals collector. We have an extensive inventory of coins and currency that is always changing. We’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for, and if you don’t, you can trust us to help you track it down!

We buy and sell coins!

Large Cents, Small Cents, Half-Cents, Two Cents, Three Cents, Nickels, Dimes, Twenty Cents, Quarters, Half Dollars, Silver Dollars, Gold Dollars, Quarter Eagles, Half Eagles, Eagles, Double Eagles, Mints, Silver Bullion, Gold Bullion, Platinum Bullion

We buy all American and foreign paper money and coins. If you have coins that you’d like to get appraised and sell, bring them to DR Coins & Jewelry!

We are your go-to coin dealer in Lansing, Michigan. When you walk through our door, you can trust that you’ll be met with a friendly greeting and good conversation – we share similar interests after all! Don’t just trust anyone who says they’ll buy your coins and currency, trust DR Coins & Jewelry!

Always Buying

  • Gold Coins, Gold Bullion, Silver Coins, Silver Bullion. Platinum, Paper Money, Paper Currency, and American Eagles
  • Canada Maple Leafs
  • Canada Coins
  • China Pandas
  • Silver Dollars
  • Morgan Dollars
  • Peace Dollars
  • Eisenhower Dollars
  • Commemorative Coins
  • Proof Sets
  • Mint Sets
  • Certified Coins
  • Uncertified Coins (Non-Graded, Non-Capsulated, Non-Authenticated)
  • USA Stamps and Mint Sheets
  • Canada Stamps
  • Discount Postage

Bring your coins, currency, and other collectible items to our shop today! For more information, call us at (517) 512-0908!

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